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Israeli veganism takes root in land of milk and honey

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 On a typical evening at Nanuchka, a popular Georgian restaurant in the middle of Israel\’s bustling Tel Aviv, music fills the air and alcohol flows freely.
Until a few years ago, Nanuchka was just a conventional Georgian pub serving traditional food like khachapuri, a cheesy bread, and khinkali, a meat-stuffed dumpling.

But then Nana Shrier, the flamboyant owner of the venue, where the walls are adorned with erotic art, became a strict vegan – in what is said to be the most vegan country in the world per capita.

She decided to convert her entire restaurant to a meatless and dairy-free establishment despite being advised against it by friends and business colleagues.
Israelis are flocking to it – and business is more successful than ever.

Nana Shrier has seen business grow since converting her restaurant to vegan cuisine
For vegans, everything derived from animals is off-limits. Similar to – but stricter than – vegetarians, vegans do not eat eggs and cheese, or drink milk, and in some cases even avoid honey. Leather, wool and silk are forbidden.

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