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La bendición a los hijos Birkot Iaakov esta semana en la Torá

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Itongadol.- En la Tora esta semana "Birkot Iaakov" la bendición a los hijos. Que todos nuestros hijos reciban nuestras bendiciones como Efraim y Menashe. Parasha "Vaieji"

Cuando vio que se aproximaba el fin de sus días, le pidió a Iosef fuera a visitarlo con sus dos hijos, Efraím y Menashé. Iaakov le dijo a Iosef que Efraím y Menashé serían contados entre sus propios hijos. Cada uno de ellos sería cabeza de una tribu, al igual que los hijos de Iaakov. Iaakov llamó a todos sus hijos junto a su lecho, habló a cada uno de ellos y los bendijo. Estas famosas bendiciones, conocidas como “birkat Iaakov” (bendiciones de Iaakov), están llenas de profecías sobre el futuro de cada tribu, y de descripciones de los atributos y características de cada uno de ellos.Iaakov ordenó a todos sus hijos que lo sepultaran en la Mearat Hamajpeilá, que Abraham le había comprado a Efrón. Iaakov terminó de dar las instrucciones a los hijos, juntó los pies en la cama y “retornó a su pueblo”.Iosef murió a la edad de ciento diez años y su cuerpo fue embalsamado y colocado en un féretro.

In this week\’s parsha, Vayechi, Yaakov is about to leave this world and before he does so, he blesses his sons.
He blessed each son, by way of his ruach hakodesh (divine inspiration), with a particular quality.
Some he told what their skill would be…others he told where they will dwell. Each neshama Yaakov blessed, via the "script" he received from shamayim, got a role to play in this world.
Often times, we fall into thinking that everything we do in this world, is the cause and not the effect.
"I got this job because I went to this school and then I posted my resume on such and such website and then this company brought me in for an interview…" and so forth.
All of those things are the effect…not the cause. The cause is HaShem…who wrote a particular script for that event…one of many scripts your neshama could have chosen to play out. And you, via your "free will", chose to play out that particular script.
What we have to understand is that this world is a movie and we are merely characters here to play specific roles.
For example: I am not Tzvi Hirsch ben Yitzhak.
I am a neshama, put inside this body by HaShem and for some reason, it was slated to play the character called Tzvi Hirsch ben Yitzhak…with all of my internal and external challenges as well as talents and character traits, which my neshama needs to correct….and all of the people and events were sent in order for that correction to take place.
If you look at the world, in particular the Western World, you see so many accomplished and monetarily well off people running to the psychiatrists office or popping anti-depressants.
This is because, while they did in fact play out a particular script and it seems they played that particular script out correctly on an external level ie the best college, the best job, comfortable living, etc etc (none of which are inherently bad)…it seems they chose the wrong script.
Or, at some point, they deviated from the right one.
And most people, continue to play out someone else\’s script. A script that society or another misguided neshama wanted them to play.
And the neshama aka the subconscious, senses this…hence the shrinks and the pills…even after all the success, wealth and gratification.
BUT, we should understand that playing out the right script is not always the easiest role to play.
Often times, it may not come with all the wealth, the comfort and the easy life…(at least not right away). There are can be such challenges that we can\’t even imagine…but it is our script nonetheless.
We should remember that, more often than not, the actor in a movie is not the screenwriter. They are sent a few scripts and they chose which role to play.
This is why we sometimes hear actors say: "I feel like I was born to play this role." 
In our case, our neshama already has the "main script" written for it and it already intuits what that script is…and as long as we follow the script, via what modern psychologists call "intuition"—which can only be sharpened via connecting to HaShem aka the "screenwriter" via Torah study—we will know that we are actualizing Yaakov\’s blessing which each one of us received via our forefathers.
And just as with our forefathers, those scripts come with many challenges, internal and external. But as long as we face those challenges and realize that they are in fact part of the right script, we won\’t be running to any shrinks or reaching for any pills.
Because, after all, we were born to play a role.
Shabbat Shalom and Chazak Chazak V\’nitchazek…on to Exodus!

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