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PA daily cartoon urges women to become rock-throwers

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Itongadol.- The above cartoon from the official Palestinian Authority daily shows a masked woman swinging a slingshot with a stone in it, creating the Arabic letter Nun, which indicates the female form in Arabic verbs. The cartoon shows a Palestinian woman taking an active part in rioting and rock-throwing and encourages it.

Recent photos published in Palestinian newspapers have shown the role of women in the current wave of violence. The official PA daily published a picture of a keffiyeh-masked young woman swinging a slingshot, with the text: "El-Bireh: A young woman throws [rocks] at them with a slingshot."

Another Palestinian daily published a photo on the front page showing a girl using a sling shot. Text below image: "A photo from the confrontations in Bethlehem."

The same daily also printed another photo of rock-throwers, also on the front page, showing a young woman taking part in rock-throwing (third from right). Text: "Young people throwing stones at the occupation forces near the settlement of Beit-El, north of El-Bireh"

Similarly, Fatah posted a photo yesterday that also glorified rock-throwing. The photo shows a keffiyeh-masked man holding a rock. The text above the picture glorifies death as a Martyr, urging people to take part in a march in honor of the "blood of Martyrs that has watered the precious soil":

"For the blood of our Martyrs (Shahids) that has watered the precious soil of the homeland from north to south. For Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa Mosque. For our courageous prisoners. For our precious homeland Palestine, Fatah\’s Ramallah and El-Bireh branch and the Islamic and national forces call on you to attend the march that will start today, Tuesday [Oct. 27, 2015] at midday."

Palestinian Media Watch has documented that both Abbas\’ Palestinian Authority and his Fatah movement promote rock-throwing and stabbing attacks.

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