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Young Israeli Fashion Designer Prints World\’s First 3D Collection

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Itongadol.- Fashion designer and innovator Danit Peleg, 27, is giving the world something to talk about. The creator of the world\’s first 3D printed clothing collection, 

"My goal was to create a ready-to-wear collection printed entirely at home using printers that anyone can get. I\’ve spent the past year searching for the best solution", Peleg explains.

"Just imagine the potential… if you\’re cold, print your own jacket. Traveling with no luggage? Just print your clothes in the hotel room. Will we soon be able to design, share, and print our own clothes directly from home?", she adds. 

Posted on YouTube on July 22, 2015 and on Start-Up Nation\’s Facebook page on July 29th, Peleg\’s two-minute promotional video displaying the line and explaining her process has garnered 2.8 million views and 50,000 shares to date.

The collection is made out of a plastic thread-like material called Filaflex using a Witbox printer. Three dimensional printing is done through a series of layering and binding of materials to create a stacking effect of each successive layer. Fashionistareports that each of Peleg\’s outfits took 400 hours to print; printing out the shoes took longer.

As 3D printing technology advances and becomes quicker and more affordable, users could download and print files at home as they do with two dimensional clothes patterns. Peleg predicts:

I think this is just the beginning. As technologies evolve, we will soon be all printing our own clothes at home.

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