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Antisemitism/Canada: Threats, bullets and antisemitic Nazi graffiti

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 Itongadol- Jewish residents in west-end Montreal are on edge after someone painted four cars with swastikas and left notes, each with a bullet.

One resident told QMI Agency the note read "we\’ll kill you."
Another news report said a bullet accompanied the message "you\’re going to get one of these in your head."
The notes, left on the windshields of four cars Monday evening, made for a tense night for occupants of an apartment building in the Notre-Dame-de-Grace neighbourhood.
Someone pulled the building\’s fire alarm, but when residents gathered in the lobby, there was no fire.
That\’s when one person noticed the vandalism.
"My neighbour went around the floors and she went in the indoor garage," Lauren Kovac-Smajovitz told QMI. "Then she came to get us so that we could go and see it."
Inside the garage, large red swastikas were painted on four cars, apparently with spray paint. The windshield of one car was smashed with an ax, which lay on the ground.
The vandal had placed envelopes, adorned with Nazi symbols, under the windshield wipers of the damaged vehicles.
"The police didn\’t want to tell us what was written, but we found out later that the message was for us," said Kovac-Smajovitz. "There was also a bullet in the envelope."
She said she was shaken up.
"All my life, I felt safe in Montreal," she said. "I can\’t believe this could happen in my building. I\’m definitely afraid." 
In a statement Tuesday, Quebec justice minister Kathleen Weil denounced the "incitement to hatred" and said the "racist" acts were unacceptable.
"They do not at all reflect Quebec society\’s values," she said, adding that the Jewish community has roots in the province dating back to 1760.
Montreal police said an investigation was underway. Forensic experts were on scene.
No one had been arrested as of Tuesday evening.

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