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Abbas Calls for \’Jerusalem Intifada\’ – Just Like Arafat Did

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 Itongadol.- (CLICK HERE TO SEE THE VIIDEO) Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas\’s call to prevent Jews from entering the Temple Mount – the holiest site in Judaism – using "all means necessary" two weeks ago has gone viral on PA TV.

The remarks inciting violence in the midst of daily Arab riots on the site were broadcast 19 times in just three days on PA TV, focusing on the part of the speech where he called for violence against Jews who "defile" the site.
Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) exposed the propaganda campaign – and noted that it bears uncanny similarity to the calls of former PA Chairman Yasser Arafat, who slammed then-MK Ariel Sharon for "defiling" the site in 2000 and thereby instigated the Second Intifada. The five-year terror campaign to "defend Al-Aqsa Mosque" murdered 1,200 Israelis.
In the segment of the speech used in the clip, Abbas can be heard saying "it\’s not enough for us to say: \’the settlers have arrived (at the Mosque).\’ They have come, and they must not come to the Sanctuary (i.e. Temple Mount). We have to prevent them, in any way whatsoever, from entering the Sanctuary."
"This is our Sanctuary, our Al-Aqsa and our Church (of the Holy Sepulchre). They have no right to enter it. They have no right to defile it. We must prevent them. Let us stand before them with chests bared to protect our holy places," Abbas continued as translated by PMW.
The PA TV broadcast video concludes with an image of Jerusalem focused on the Temple Mount, with the words "Arab Jerusalem" shown onscreen.
A senior PA official back in August said the organization had made a "political decision" to support Arab terrorists. Demonstrating the direction of that decision, a senior Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) official on Sunday dubbed the recent wave of violence as an "intifada", linking it to the Temple Mount.
The official, Tayseer Khaled, a member of the PLO Executive Committee and the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) Political Bureau, told the PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida that "the Jerusalem Intifada" will continue due to Jews visiting the Temple Mount.
Abbas\’s Fatah faction has been actively fanning the flames of the "intifada"; on Saturday its official Facebook page called on Fatah members in Jerusalem to wear identical black clothing to allow them to riot with less fear of being identified and arrested, revealed PMW.
"Message to our people in Jerusalem: Tomorrow you should all wear black clothes so that the occupation forces cannot identify young people by the color of their clothes and arrest them later," read the Fatah message.
The PA has also used grotesque cartoons to encourage the violence, such as this example from the PA daily earlier this month of an IDF soldier decapitating the Dome of the Rock.

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