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Netanyahu´s New Year Message: We´ve Defied the Laws of History

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 Itongadol.- On the eve of Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year), Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu wishes Jewish communities throughout the world security, prosperity and most of all peace.

In a recorded speech, Netanyahu reflects upon some of the past year\’s achievements: the launching of the Amos 4 communication satellite, sustainable economic growth, receiving gold medals at the computer and science Olympics, and producing top tier students in the field of science.
"I am proud to serve as Prime Minister of Israel," Netanyahu said with a smile.
"We remain an oasis of democracy, of stability, of tolerance, and liberty," he said, comparing Israel to its turbulent neighbors in the Middle East.
Netanyahu also took the opportunity to call for action on Iran, declaring that "Iran\’s nuclear program must be stopped" since it poses a major threat to the Israel and the rest of the world. 
However, Netanyahu calmed the fears of any potential threat to Israel when he spoke to his cabinet on Sunday saying, "our enemies have very good reasons not to try our strength, not to test our power," he said. "They know why."
The Prime Minister concluded by asserting that the State of Israel has "defied the laws of history against some tremendous odds" to become a thriving, bustling, modern, advanced country in such a short period of time.

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