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Egypt orders arrest of Muslim Brotherhood leader

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Itongadol.- Egypt\’s prosecutor\’s office ordered the arrest on Wednesday of Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Badie on charges of inciting violence outside the Republican Guard headquarters where 55 people were killed on Monday, state news agency MENA reported.
Other senior Brotherhood officials were also ordered held, including Badie\’s deputy Mahmoud Ezzat and party leaders Essam El-Erian and Mohamed El-Beltagi.
Thousands of Brotherhood followers have been maintaining a vigil near a mosque in northeast Cairo demanding the reinstatement of Mohamed Morsi, toppled as president by the army last week.
While Egypt\’s Muslim Brotherhood looks back in anger at its military removal from power, an ultra-orthodox Islamist party is looking forward in hope to replacing it in voters\’ favor.
Yet far from celebrating the downfall of its larger rival, the Nour Party, which sits on the religious right of the political spectrum, is weighing the cost of Brotherhood mistakes it says have weakened the entire Islamist movement.
Courted by the army that toppled President Mohamed Morsi, Egypt\’s second biggest Islamic force has wielded decisive influence over the choice of a new premier, vetoing the first two liberal choices.

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