Inicio NOTICIAS Egyptian army deploys around Morsi’s barracks, supporters

Egyptian army deploys around Morsi’s barracks, supporters

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Itongadol.- The Egyptian army erected barbed wire and barriers around a barracks where embattled President Mohamed Morsi was working and deployed armored vehicles and troops to prevent his supporters marching from a nearby rally to his palace, witnesses said.
A Reuters journalist saw troops move into place close to the Rabaa Adaweya mosque area, where tens of thousands of supporters of Morsi\’s Muslim Brotherhood are rallied to support the democratically elected president and what they call constitutional legitimacy.
The army said in an official statement that it was security the area and denied what it said were reports that it was attacking Morsi\’s supporters, saying: "The Egyptian army belongs to all Egyptians."
Morsi\’s message to all Egyptians is to resist military coup peacefully, "do not use violence."
A top adviser to beleaguered president says he expects army and police violence will remove pro-Morsi demonstrators from the streets.
As demonstrations raged in Egypt Wednesday against the backdrop of a looming military coup threatening to replace President Mohamed Morsi, Palestinian Authority President Mahmouh Abbas urged Palestinians to remain neutral in the domestic affairs of Arab countries, Bethlehem-based news agency Ma\’an reported.
Abbas called to reject such interference as he voiced Palestinian respect for the country of Egypt and its people, according to Ma\’an.

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