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Netanyahu petitions China to back Israeli businesses

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Itongadol.- Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu met with Israeli business leaders in China Monday afternoon to hear their requests for governmental assistance to advance their initiatives.
"I know that the Chinese ascribe great importance to government backing for business and I intend to give you this backing," Netanyahu said, adding that "[Israel] must make the nation national effort to enter Chinese markets and to create partnerships."
Netanyahu said he would relay the business requests to the Chinese government to promote efforts in developing diplomatic and economic ties with China.
Netanyahu arrived Monday morning in Shanghai at the beginning of a five day visit to China.
On the plane over he pointedly would not discuss the situation in Syria.
When asked whether he had considered postponing his trip, he said succinctly, no.
The first day of Netanyahu\’s visit will be devoted to economic issues. On the plane the prime minister said that China could be an engine for Israeli economic growth.

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