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Morsi aide: Holocaust is a myth invented by the US

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 “The myth of the Holocaust is an industry that America invented,” an aide to Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi said this week, Fox News reported.

“US intelligence agencies in cooperation with their counterparts in allied nations during World War II created [the Holocaust] to destroy the image of their opponents in Germany, and to justify war and massive destruction against military and civilian facilities of the Axis powers, and especially to hit Hiroshima and Nagasaki with the atomic bomb,” Fox News quoted Fathi Shihab-Eddim as saying.
He goes on to claiming the Holocaust was a hoax invented by the American intelligence, and that the six million Jews who were killed by the Nazis merely just moved to the US.
Shihab-Eddim is a senior adviser to Morsi and is responsible for appointing the editors of all state-run Egyptian newspapers.
His Holocaust denial comes on the heels of the publication of comments made by President Morsi in 2010, calling Zionists"the descendants of apes and pigs." Morsi\’s spokesman said that the slurs had been taken out of context and that Morsi respected those who belong to monotheistic religions.

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