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Barak: Egypt Must Bring Sinai under Control Now

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Defense Minister Ehud Barak said Monday that there has been a "serious escalation" in the security situation along the Sinai border and that the lack of Egyptian security control in Sinai was "worrisome."
"We are still under a terror attack in the south," Barak told reporters during his meeting with the Polish defense minister. "There are casualties on our side, there are also casualties among the attackers. The situation is not yet clear and the incident is not yet over. We will give a full report when it is over."
"This is a physical terror attack on a construction site in which the fence is being built, when only yesterday two rockets were fired at the southern part of the Negev," Barak said. "We see a worrisome escalation in the Egyptian control of security in Sinai," he said. "We await the result of the elections. Whoever is elected, we expect him to take responsibility for all of Egypt\’s international commitments, including the peace treaty with Israel and the security arrangements within Sinai, and to put a quick end to these attacks."
A terror squad infiltrated Israel from Gaza near Nitzana Monday morning and opened fire at an IDF providing security for a construction site. A Defense Ministry worker was killed. Three terrorists were also apparently killed.

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