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WikiLeaks: Netanyahu Said Obama Wears «Rose-Colored Glasses»

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 Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said two years ago that PresidentBarack Obama is wearing “rose-colored glasses” when looking at the Iranian nuclear threat, WikiLeaks reported.

The Prime Minister also reportedly said in a conversation with a U.S. Congressman that Israel will use the “Mossad, bunker busting bombs,whatever it takes,” to prevent Iran from obtaining the ability to build a nuclear bomb.
The leaked email was reported by the Algemeiner website and was among 5 million emails that WikiLeaks says it obtained in cooperation with the hacker Anonymous group. It hacked the U.S.-based Stratfor intelligence company.
Stratfor allegedly sent an email in May 2010 concerning Prime Minister Netanyahu’s conversation with the American legislator, in which he said that President Obama wears “rose-colored glasses” in misunderstanding the gravity of Iran’s nuclear development.
In the same email, the Prime Minister allegedly wrote that he will “use every means at his disposal” to stop Iran. Since then, several Iranian nuclear scientists have been killed and wounded in car bomb attacks by unidentified motorcyclists, allegedly working for the Mossad.
Prime Minister Netanyahu is on his way back from the United States after a trip that he said was highly successful in solidifying the relationship with the Obama administration.

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