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Hamas: Free re-arrested Schalit deal prisoners

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Hamas on Tuesday called on Israel to release two Hamas men that were freed in the prisoner exchange for Gilad Schalit, and re-arrested recently.
The IDF suspects the two Hamas operatives – Ayman Salama who was arrested last month, and Ayman Abu Daud who was arrested Monday – of returning to terrorism.
Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri warned that Israel will bear the consequences if they’re not released. He added that it is a breach of the agreement signed between the two parties, and called on Egypt – who mediated the Schalit deal – to guarantee their release. All prisoners released in the Schalit deal signed an agreement that they would not return to terrorism.
Sources in the IDF’s Central Command said that Ayman Salama was the first Palestinian terrorist released in the October swap to be re-arrested by Israel for allegedly returning to engage in anti-Israel terrorist activity.
Both Salama and Abu Daud are from the Hebron region, and were released in the first stage of the deal on October 18, 201.
Sources in the Central Command said last month that Salama’s arrest sent a “clear message that people who return to terrorism will pay.”

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