Inicio NOTICIAS Israeli government spokesman: «Iran exports terrorism and the two attacks in Argentina are proof of that»

Israeli government spokesman: «Iran exports terrorism and the two attacks in Argentina are proof of that»

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Avi Pazner, World Chairman of the Keren Hayesod-UIA (an organization founded in 1920 to collect funds from all over the world for Israel) and an official spokesman of the Israeli government, noted that "Iran exports terrorism" and that "the Latin American Presidents should be very careful in their relationships" with the Islamic Republic, in an exclusive interview with AJN Jewish News Agency.
In a telephone conversation with AJN from Jerusalem, Pazner maintained that the two terror attacks perpetrated in Buenos Aires against the Israeli Embassy to Argentina and the AMIA Jewish center are proof that Iran is exporting terrorism.

"When a leader lets Iran enter its country, they are exposing themselves to a danger, because even if the regime does not attack today, it will probably do it in a couple of years," Pazner said.
He referred to the threat Iran poses to the world and to the situation in the Gaza Strip, and said both problems "may be connected because Hamas is the offspring of the Iranian fundamentalists."
"We are more concerned over what is happening in Iran that is developing its nuclear capacities. As regards the Gaza Strip, let’s hope that the cease fire returns, but if it doesn’t we will take action against Hamas in the territory," Pazner stressed.
In this regard, he maintained that the Keren Hayesod is building shelters around Gaza and is giving "special care to schools and universities in the area."
Asked about the impact of the economic crisis on Jewish communities, Pazner said the financial debacle "will affect everyone, although it is not clear to what extent."
"The Keren Hayesod is an organization mainly based on solidarity, and that is we are concerned and are in constant communication with the communities", Pazner noted and added that "the economic situation in Israel is not much better than in the developed countries."
"We also suffer, we know that the situation is not easy, but I am confident that we will pull through", he maintained.
Asked about the situation of the Jewish communities in Latin America, Pazner noted that "the situation is more difficult than in Europe, Canada or Australia, because there is great economic instability", although he stressed that "we are closely monitoring the situation."
Pazner stressed the case of Argentina and maintained that if the Argentine Jews decided to migrate to Israel, a special effort will be made and "a plan will be made available for them," as was done after the 2001 economic crisis in Argentina.
He also addressed the impact of the crisis on the donations received by the Keren Hayesod and noted that even though they have not yet decreased, "a greater effort is required to attain the same goals."
"2008 will end well, but in 2009 we don’t know what will happen: no man can predict the depth of this crisis, that is why we are prepared for any possibility", Pazner said, and added that "after February, we will see what to do", clearly referring to the elections for Prime Minister in Israel.
In this regard, he also referred to the recent polls published by the leading Israeli newspapers which revealed that the Likud leader, Benjamin Netanyahu, would beat Kadima’s Tzipi Livni and the Laborist Ehud Barak.
"There is still some time before the elections, when there is less than one month left we will have a clearer idea," he said.
Asked about the priorities in Keren Hayesod’s agenda, he said the entity "is devoted to dealing with the problems of the young people in Israel, those who are at risk, who have no education or who live in the outskirts."
"One of our priorities is to populate the Galilee and the Negev areas, because we have to make sure that there is always an Israeli majority there," Pazner concluded.
Avi Pazner has also served as Ambassador of Israel to France, Italy, Malta and Albania. He was a spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is currently serving as spokesman for the Israeli Government.

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