Inicio NOTICIAS AMIA supported Página 12, the first half denounced by the Polish law on the Shoah

AMIA supported Página 12, the first half denounced by the Polish law on the Shoah

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Itongadol/AJN.- "This denunciation, based on a previous law approved in Poland that prohibits accusing the people or the Polish State of responsibility for the crimes committed during the barbarism of Nazism, is an attempt to deny the irrefutable complicity in the genocide of more of 3 million Jews who lived in that country before the Second World War, while representing a real danger to maintain the memory of the Shoah", says Zbar in the letter sent to the media.

"There is no doubt that the denunciation made against Página 12 (the first in the world against a means of communication since the law of the Polish law) represents an abominable act of censorship and undermines the debate on the historical data proven, but also It represents a membership in the world for me, when it comes to defending the historical truth of the Shoah", added the president of AMIA in his letter.

The Polish law, which typifies the problem of the citizens of that country in the Holocaust and contemplate the use of the word "Polish concentration camps", came into force on Thursday, March 1, despite the strong criticism of Israel, the warnings against the government of the United States, and the rejection of many organizations that work to keep alive the memory of the Holocaust, which considers that the new norm tries to distort history and restrict freedom of expression.

The complete letter of solidarity of AMIA with Página 12 can be read in this link

The note by Federico Pavlovsky, published by the newspaper, on December 18, is available at this link:

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