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AMIA/Anniversary. Macri creates a Register of Suspected Terrorists and includes Hezbollah

Por Gustavo Beron
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Itongadol.- As anticipated a couple of weeks ago, two days before the 25th anniversary of the AMIA/DAIA attack, Argentina´s President, Mauricio Macri, decreed the creation of the National Registry of People and Organizations Suspected of Terrorism, which includes the Lebanese Hezbollah, accused by the local Justice of having perpetrated, with the support of Iran, that attack and its antecedent, against the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires, in which more than a hundred people were murdered and hundreds others were wounded.

This list adopts the one prepared by the United Nations and adds the organization as the perpetrator of both tragedies, in line with the claims of the United States, Israel and the main Jewish organizations in the world. The new registration will entail a tightening of political and financial restrictions for individual and institutional Hezbollah members, sympathizers and adherents throughout Argentina.

In another decree, the president makes July 18 as the National Day of Mourning in homage to the victims. A third decree defines a compensation for a dozen former employees of AMIA not reached by those already paid by the State.

«We are making progress in England and the United States, with Hezbollah being declared a terrorist organization, and now we hope that Argentina will adopt a similar measure; nations cannot tolerate that terrorism has funding sources in their countries,» AMIA´s president, Ariel Eichbaum, had said in an interview with Agencia AJN.

«Hezbollah is Iran, it is the branch that makes attacks outside the Middle East,» said DAIA´s head Jorge Knoblovits.

The announcements took place in the midst of U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo´s visit to Argentina. He will land in Buenos Aires on Friday to preside over the Second Hemispheric Ministerial Conference on Combating Terrorism, to be held at the San Martín Palace of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Likewise, Macri will lead on Thursday, in the Government House, the presentation of the book «Justicia perseguirás», in homage to the 25 years of the AMIA attack.

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