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Israeli Wine Wednesday loosens up millennials to donate

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 A popular Israeli fundraising event is going to be held around the world for the first time on Wednesday, September 14th; participants bring a bottle of wine, make a donation for a local charity, and mingle; events will be held around the planet on five continents – from Mongolia to the US.

An Israeli fundraising initiative is taking the world by storm, and bringing millennials along with it. Called Wine Wednesday, the organization holds events which bring people together to raise money and awareness for various charities and grassroots organizations, all while enabling event goers an opportunity to network and drink great wine.

Wine Wednesday will go global for the fist time on Wednesday, September 14th. There will be 15 events taking place on that day around the world, including in Rio, Nairobi, New York, Boston, El Salvador, Buenos Aires, Amsterdam, Lusaka in Zambia, Berlin, Los Angeles, Ulaanbataar in Mongolia, Madrid, Warsaw, Jerusalem, and many other places.

The hope is that the organization will raise $20,000 for various charities around the world, including helping children with disabilities in Kibera – Kenya’s largest slum – to educational programs in El Salvador, or helping abused children in Zambia.

The main launch event will take place in Tel Aviv at Langa Rooftop Event Hall, and will include live streaming to events worldwide, a concert, and all-you-can-drink wine, all while raising money for Microfy, an organization whose mission is to help individuals from disadvantaged communities to create independent sources of income by opening and developing micro-businesses.

At each Wine Wednesday event, guests bring a bottle of wine and stipulated donation for the organization being supported. Wine bottles are covered with a letter and guests spend the evening mingling, tasting the wines and voting for their favorite bottle. Half-way through the evening the guests are gathered to hear a short pitch by a representative from the recipient organization about where the money will go and how guests can get involved.

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