Inicio NOTICIAS Matisyahu makes his way back to Jerusalem’s Sultan’s Pool

Matisyahu makes his way back to Jerusalem’s Sultan’s Pool

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Itongadol.-Jewish-American reggae rapper Matisyahu is once again returning with a king’s crown to perform at Jerusalem’s Sultan’s Pool on October 13.

Known for such hits as “One Day,” “King Without a Crown” and “Jerusalem,” Matisyahu will be promoting his latest album, Love Born, which is already climbing the Billboard reggae charts in the US.

Matisyahu has been lauded in Israel for last year’s victory over boycott activists who tried to get his show at a Spanish reggae festival canceled. The American rapper was asked by concert organizers to state his politics on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and when he refused, he was dropped from the lineup. After pressure, he was put back on the performance list and defiantly sang “Jerusalem” to a crowd of heckling pro-Palestinian protesters. He then went onto perform as the closing act of the Jerusalem Sacred Music Festival in September, and returned a month later for a sold-out show at Sultan’s Pool.

Opening for Matisyahu will be Israeli musician Ishay Ribo. Tickets start from NIS 170.

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