Inicio NOTICIAS Simon Wiesenthal Center expresses strong repudiation to the auction: Surely \»Mauricio Macri will fight against extremism in Argentina\»

Simon Wiesenthal Center expresses strong repudiation to the auction: Surely \»Mauricio Macri will fight against extremism in Argentina\»

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Itongadol.- "The objects auctioned, in our opinion, should have been destroyed," said the director of the Jerusalem office of Simon Wiesenthal Center, Efraim Zuroff, in dialogue with the Jewish News Agency (AJN) following the announcement that an Argentinean citizen had bought part of Adolf Hitler´s uniform and other Nazis objects at an auction in Munich. Dr. Shimon Samuels, Director of International Relations, said that “Surely Mauricio Macri will fight against extremism in Argentina".

“I do not know the identity of the person who bought these objects, nor the reasons. If he bought them for a museum, it is one thing; but if he planned to build a shrine to Hitler, is a completely different story ", he said. He was referring to what had happened at the auction house Hermann in Munich, when this man, who refused to reveal his identity – and gave only his Argentinian origin – acquired suit jacket that belonged to Adolf Hitler for 275,000 euros, also Hitler´s black pants by 62,000 euros and a radiography of the head of the "Fuhrer" by 21,000 euros. In addition, he acquired a clock that belonged to Hitler\’s deputy Hermann Goering for 42,000 euros, Göring´s silk nightgown and silk underpants for 3000 euros and the container for the poison by which he killed himself just hours before his scheduled execution, for 26,000 euros.

The articles belonged to North American doctor, John K. Lattimer, responsible for the medical supervision of the defendants during the Nuremberg trials against the Nazis. Lattimer assembled a private collection of personal items that belonged to the leading figures of the Third Reich.

“When someone sales these things, there is a risk of leaving them available for people who can buy for the wrong reasons," Zuroff highlighted.

Dr. Shimon Samuels – Director of International Relations at Wiesenthal Center – added that “the person who is interested in paying so much for the Göring´s bombachas and Hitler jacket has something wrong in the head."
"First, I\’d say that is a scandal to put these things in an auction thinking that it will bring such an extravagant price. I think this is for a private collection, and excites young neo-Nazis", said Samuels and added than it is necessary to know the identity of the person who bought these objects," because he has an obligation to the public, to say why he is so much interested and why they have so much value. "

Finally, Samuels stressed that "the media may require the publication of the identity of this person, so he can explain and tell if he is a Nazi sympathizer."

"I am sure that with the new government of Mauricio Macri, who a month ago promised us to fight extremism in Argentina, this can be an important case to show that extremism exists not only by violence but also influencing young people. It would be useful to take this as a teaching case, "he said.

The news about the auction of these objects has led to a strong repudiation by the German and international Jewish community.

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