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Fatah draws map of ‘Palestine’ with terror blood

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Itongadol.- Palestinian Authority (PA) Mahmoud Abbas\’ Fatah and PA once again demonstrated their vision of "the State of Palestine" encompassing the entirety of Israel – this time drawing it with the blood of terrorists.

As revealed by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), Fatah\’s official Facebook page illustrated “Palestine\’s" borders with a macabre photo of a dying terrorist in a pool of blood, bearing the title: "This is the blood that drew the borders of the State of Palestine."

The edited image shows the blood of terrorist Yasmin Al-Zaru Tamimi in the shape of the outlined map of "Palestine" which engulfs all of Israel. Part of the map is Tamimi\’s actual blood, while a large bit was was added to the photo. The 20-year-old female terrorist was shot when she tried to stab an Israeli soldier near the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hevron, and later died of her wounds.

The PA Presidential Guards posted a similar message linking "children" with the ideal of spilling one\’s blood for "Palestine," and a map including the PA-controlled territories as well as all of Israel draped with a Palestinian flag.

"Children of a people like the people of Palestine, which watered the freedom with blood, will undoubtedly be victorious,” said the Official Facebook page of the PA Presidential Guards.

The examples join the long list that PMW has documented as both the PA and Fatah reject Israel\’s existence.

Although Yafo (Jaffa) is part of Tel Aviv, and Akko (Acre) is in northern Israel, the Palestinian National Security Forces deny Israel’s right to exist and presented dozens of pictures posted on Facebook labeling Israel as an "occupier."

"Good evening, occupied Acre"
A member of Fatah\’s youth movement Shabiba, Haitham Abu Radwan, explained on Fatah TV that the goal is the destruction of Israel and “liberating Palestine from the (Mediterranean) Sea to the (Jordan) River.”

Moreover, Fatah\’s logo celebrating 51 years of terrorism incorporated the map of "Palestine," erasing all of Israel. The number "1" in the number "51" on the logo is shaped like the PA\’s map of "Palestine,” and it is applied to all its posters inciting terror.

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