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President wants Israel-Palestine confederacy

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Itongadol.- President Reuven Rivlin has planted himself solidly in the political Left in an interview he gave to a European journal. A recording of the interview has reached Reshet Bet radio.

In the interview, Rivlin proposed that two states – Israel and Palestine – exist side by side, and that they should form a joint confederacy.

Riviln added that a border should be drawn up between the countries and that exchanges of territory be carried out. He noted that the success of the plan depends on there being only one military – the Israeli one – but two parliaments and two constitutions.

In the past, Rivlin suggested a confederacy but did not refer to a Palestinian state, or mention borders and territorial exchanges.

In response to the report, the President\’s Residence stated that Rivlin is still opposed to the existence of a separate Palestinian state, and continues to believe in a joint confederacy.

Rivlin added that the person who decides on policy is the prime minister and not the president.

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