Inicio NOTICIAS Terrorist attempts to snatch soldier\’s gun on bus, shot dead

Terrorist attempts to snatch soldier\’s gun on bus, shot dead

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Itongadol.- A terrorist attempted to snatch a soldier\’s weapon on a Jerusalem bus on Monday evening before another passenger tried to overpower him; he was ultimately shot dead by police.

Shortly after 8:30pm, reports emerged of a Palestinian who tried to snatch a soldier\’s gun on a 185 line bus in Jerusalem. The incident occurred next to the Chords Bridge.
A large number of security forces arrived at the scene, and it soon became clear that the terrorist, who also stabbed and lightly wounded two others, had been killed by police fire.
The assailant\’s attempt to steal the soldier\’s weapon failed.
According to police, the terrorist attempted to snatch the gun, and when he failed to do so, he tried to choke the soldier and lightly wounded him with a knife. The bus stopped when a civilian struggled with the terrorist, and a nearby police team boarded.
A police officer fought the terrorist, who apparently succeeded in grabbing the policeman\’s weapon.
Another police officer spotted the terrorist with gun in hand and shot him several times.

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