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Israel Teachers\’ Union Signs Israel-Boycott Document

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Itongadol.- The Israel Teachers\’ Union, which represents over 150,000 teachers in Israel, signed a document calling for the boycott of the "settlements" in Judea and Samaria, Channel 10 reports Friday.

A document drawn up for the convention of World Teachers\’ Association stated that "the continued Israeli occupation of the West Bank, the existence of illegal Israeli settlements there and their impact on the lives of Palestinians, including access to water along with the blockade of Gaza, has imposed severe restrictions on economic and social development in Palestine."
The head of the "Smart Middle East Forum," Eli Avidar, attacked the decision of the Israeli teachers to sign the document.
"It\’s scandalous that the Israel Teachers Union is a partner in a proposed decision that affects the legitimacy of the State of Israel," Avidar stated Friday. "In the current situation it is impossible to deal with such a campaign as the Foreign Ministry has been divided and emasculated." 
The Teachers\’ Union has responded that signing the document was necessary to prevent a boycott against Israeli teachers by foreign anti-Israel sources, arguing that their attack on the state was preferable to an external attack on the state.
"Thanks to the signing of the document, we prevented a boycott of Israeli teachers\’ unions and a sharp wording against Israel," it claimed. "Among other things, it prevented the recognition of the right of return of Palestinians and condemnation of the IAF bombing in Gaza."

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