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Palestinian minister dead after clash with IDF

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Itongadol.- Ziad Abu Ein, the Palestinian Authority\’s settlement minister, collapsed and died after he was reportedly struck by an IDF soldier in Turmus Iya in the West Bank Wednesday. 

Palestinian reports said he was struck by a soldier\’s gun in the chest and collapsed. He was then taken to the hospital in Ramallah, where he died. Abu Ein was ill and it is possible his illness played a role in his eventual death; it was reported he suffered from diabetes. The circumstances of the event are still unclear.
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas responded to the death, which he called "barbaric," saying that "We will take the necessary steps after we learn the results of the investigation into his death\’s circumstances." He called for a three-day mourning period throughout the PA.
Riyad Al-Maliki, the Palestinian foreign minister said that "Israel will pay" for the "murder" of Abu Ein.
Hamas also responded to the report, saying it "mourned" his death, and called for the Palestinians to end their cooperation with Israel in response.
Mahmoud Aloul, a leading member of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas\’ Fatah movement, said he and Abu Ain had been among dozens of protesters carrying olive tree saplings during a protest against land confiscations when Israeli troops fired tear gas at them and later beat some of the participants with rifle butts.
In the previous government, Abu Ein serves as the deputy minister of prisoner affairs.
Violent clashes occurred overnight between Jewish and Palestinian residents in the Shilo area. The clashes occurred after the settlers claimed that Palestinians had stolen a mare, while the Palestinians said the settlers threw stones at cars and destroyed olive trees. IDF forces were brought in to calm the dispute.
Following the clashes, the council heads of several Palestinian villages in the West Bank as well as the Yesh Din organization petitioned Israel\’s High Court to evacuate a nearby Jewish settlement, saying that it "serves as a center of illegal activity with the goal of expelling Palestinians from their land."

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