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Liberman: New elections are a done deal

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Itongadol.- Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman on Tuesday said it was a certainty that the Israeli government will conduct early elections, and called for them to happen as soon as possible.

Speaking at an Institute for National Security Studies conference, the foreign minister said that "it\’s no secret that the people of Israel don\’t know why we\’re going to elections after less than two years."

The foreign minister said the reasons why the government was facing new elections was not as important as how Israel moved on afterward.

He called for a new government that could work together to overcome the challenges that Israel faces, including, budgetary issues, a possible workers strike, terrorism and diplomatic problems.

"We needed to unite. Instead we\’ll fight for months," said Liberman, who had blocked Netanyahu from forming a new government with haredi factions.

"After the elections, we should establish a coalition that can unite to deal with all the challenges," stated Liberman. "I hope the election will be serious, professional and without unnecessary struggles."

The Knesset will begin the process of dispersing itself Wednesday with the support of the Likud, party sources said Tuesday, in a step that will expedite the next election.

The factions will have to decide on a date for the race, expected to take place in mid-March.

The decision to hold new elections follows a long-awaited meeting between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Yair Lapid ended with sharp disagreement on key issues late Monday night.

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