Inicio NOTICIAS Arab rioters hurl stones at MK Feiglin on Temple Mount

Arab rioters hurl stones at MK Feiglin on Temple Mount

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 Itongadol.- Hundreds of Arab youths gathered on the Temple Mount Thursday morning to protest Likud MK Moshe Feiglin\’s visit to the contested holy site.

Police arrested two youths for hurling stones toward the minister and an accompanying group of right-wing activists.
Authorities ordered Feiglin to leave the compound and worked to disperse the rioters.
In response to the incident, Feiglin charged that violent acts at the site are perpetuated by removing Jewish visitors from the Temple Mount and leaving the Muslim protesters.
"If there is a reason the Temple Mount is a barrel of explosives it is because even today it is proven that violence pays," he said on Facebook.
Feiglin has had various altercations with security personnel at the site.
The frequently violent Arab response to Jewish visitation rights to the Temple Mount has a long and contentious history, dating back to when the Wakf Muslim religious trust was given oversight of the holy site following the Six Day War in 1967.
Although the Supreme Court upheld Jewish prayer rights on the site, the court allows police to prevent any form of worship there if they believe such activities will incite a “disturbance to the public order.”
Right-wing Israeli politicians have repeatedly demanded Jewish sovereignty of the area, as well as greater access, to little avail.

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