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Storm Claims 2 Victims, Snow Reaches Jerusalem

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 The bodies of two women were found Wednesday morning near the town of Einav in Samaria (Shomron). The two were identified as a Palestinian Authority resident Arab woman and a member of the Samaritan community.

The two had been traveling home from work in a car that was swept from the road by a fast-moving river of rain water during Tuesday night’s severe storm. Israeli and PA police worked together to find and rescue the car’s passengers after they were swept away, but found only the driver, who was taken to hospital in critical condition.
A third death was reported in the PA town of Attil, where a car was swept away by floods.
Israeli rescue services worked around the clock Tuesday to prevent tragedies, freeing dozens of people from flooded cars and homes.
Three men died in Israel early Tuesday morning in a car crash as they made their way from Christmas celebrations in Bethlehem to their homes in Yafo. It is not yet clear if the crash was caused exclusively by the storm or if impaired driving due to alcohol consumption may have been a factor.
Israel continues to face the effects of the storm Wednesday. Rescue workers were in the town of Bat Hefer on Wednesday morning to free hundreds of people trapped in their homes by flood waters. Thousands of people in the Hadera region were cut off from electricity, and some schools in the city were cancelled due to flooding.
School was cancelled in many parts of the Golan and Samaria as well.
Meanwhile, the extreme weather continued with snowfall in the Hevron region. Parents in the Har Hevron region pulled their children from school in the nearby city of Kiryat Arba to ensure they would not be stranded there.
Snows later spread north to the Gush Etzion area just south of Jerusalem. The snow has reportedly just begun in Jerusalem itself.

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