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Migron residents vow non-violent eviction

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A day before the deadline issued by the High Court of Justice for the eviction of the illegal outpost of Migron, residents say they will not use violence against security forces.

Migron residents filed Monday a petition asking the court to postpone the evacuation of the outpost until after construction of homes has been completed at an alternate site in Giv\’at HaYekev.

The petitioners wrote that the fact the land Migron is built on is privately owned by a Palestinian does not justify the eviction, because it is clear that the owner will never make use of the land.

In their petition, the residents said they would respect any ruling issued by the court and will not employ and violence during the evacuation – if and when it takes place.

According to the residents, the caravilla site that is being prepared for them at Giv\’at HaYekev suffers from many security and safety impairments; in addition, they claimed that they will not be able to begin the new school year at the site.

In addition to the petition, the residents also submitted their response to the State\’s position on the status of the outpost, saying that they were told by official government sources that they could stay in the outpost if they purchase the land, but after doing so the State is still seeking to evict them.

The residents further noted that the State\’s claim, by which there is no access road to the outpost that does pass on private Palestinian land, does not stand the test of time, adding that there are two access roads to the outpost – one for regular vehicles and one just for four wheel drive vehicles.

Thirty three families have been ordered to leave the Migron outpost after the High Court ruled that their houses are located on private Palestinian lands. The court set the final deadline for eviction on August 1. Meanwhile, the court on Tuesday will discuss an appeal filed by 17 other families, which are waiting for a ruling on the status of their houses.

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