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Palestinian Authority budget deficit hits $1b. mark

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 The deficit in the Palestinian Authority’s budget for 2012 has reached more than $1b., PA Finance Minister Nabil Qassis revealed Wednesday.

He said that a decrease in foreign aid and failure of donor countries to fulfill their financial pledges to the PA were behind the severe crisis hitting the government in Ramallah.
Qassis told Palestinian legislators in Ramallah that the PA has reached understandings with Israel on ways of combating tax evasion.

He was referring to an agreement that was signed Tuesday between PA Prime Minister Salam Fayyad and Minister of Finance Yuval Steinitz about broadening economic cooperation and improving tax collection on goods which the PA imports through Israeli ports.

The agreement also calls for setting up a pipeline to transport fuels directly from Israeli ports to the PA. Until now, fuels had been transferred to the PA territories by trucks.

Qassis said that tax collection in the PA territories has been below expectations.

He said that the main reason for the financial crisis was the state of uncertainty regarding foreign aid to the PA. “Without foreign aid, the Palestinian Authority can’t cover its expenses,” he added.

Referring to last week’s report by the World Bank, which said that the Palestinian economy was still unsustainable, Qassis blamed Israel, saying: “If anyone thinks that our economy would be able to sustain itself under occupation, they are deluding themselves. We don’t even control our national resources.”

He said that a recent $100 million grant from Saudi Arabia has been used to pay salaries to the PA’s employees.

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