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PM to Plesner Committee: Drop personal sanctions

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 Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said during a meeting with Shaul Mofaz that the Plesner Committee must drop a recommendation for personal sanctions against anyone who does not join the IDF.

"I don\’t want a social flare-up on the ground because of the sanctions," Netanyahu said.

Meanwhile, the Plesner Committee has decided not to release its recommendations without first coordinating it with the prime minister.

"We won\’t approve the sanctions without coordinating it with the prime minister," they said. "There is great discord on the matter of the sanctions. We won’t pursue unsatisfactory pseudo sanctions."

Sources in Kadima said that Netanyahu will have to choose between their path or the haredim\’s.

During their meeting, Mofaz demanded that the Plesner Committee impose personal sanctions against those who don\’t enlist. The two agreed to meet early next week.

Netanyahu\’s associates said that if the sides don’t reach an understanding on the sanctions, the law will be void and unenforceable. "If that\’s the case, it looks like we\’re heading for a blow-up." A decision on the matter is slated to be reached by Wednesday or Thursday upon the return of Defense Minister Ehud Barak from the US.

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