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IDF chief: Israel will reach all terrorists behind overseas attacks

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IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz warned Thursday that Israel will ultimately find any terrorist that tries to launch attacks on Israeli citizens or the Jewish people.

"Whoever tries to test our power, from close or far, from Gaza or Sinai, or any other place, will face a clever and powerful army that is determined to defend Israel and subdue its enemies," Gantz said on Thursday while speaking at a ceremony for outstanding officers.
Gantz said that the rocket that was fired toward Eilat early Thursday morning is a very grave act, and warned that Israel will find those responsible for attacks on its people.

He said that the IDF knows who is responsible for the terror attacks on Israelis and Jews overseas – such as in New Delhi and Toulouse.

"We know what is the source of these terror attacks," Gantz said. "The organizers of these terror acts must know that whether it is in Gaza, Lebanon, or any other place, Israel will eventually reach any person who tries to harm Israeli citizens or the Jewish people."

Earlier Thursday, Israel’s Military Intelligence chief Major General Aviv Kochavi said that the rocket fired at Eilat shows the significant changes taking place in the region.

"Terror organizations are strengthening their hold on the Sinai Peninsula," he said, noting that the IDF has foiled more than 10 terror plots in Sinai over the last two months.

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