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Egypt forces kill Israeli-Arab near border

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Egyptian forces killed two suspects, one of them an Arab-Israeli man, who tried to enter Egypt from Israel on all-terrain vehicles on Tuesday.

The suspects were first identified by the IDF in Israeli territory heading south into Egypt. They ignored calls by soldiers to stop. The soldiers fired at the suspects’ legs, the IDF Spokesperson Unit said. The two men crossed the border into Egypt, where they were fired upon by Egyptian border guards.

The two men then split up, and one returned to Israel, before going back into Egypt. Eventually, Egyptian soldiers found both men and opened fire on them, killing both.

One of the two smugglers was an Arab-Israeli man, while the other was dressed in IDF fatigues, Army Radio reported.

No IDF soldiers were injured in the incident. The army suspects that the men were smugglers, but is considering all possibilities.

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