Inicio NOTICIAS Danny Ayalon arrives to Buenos Aires to participate in the 20º anniversary of Israel`s Embassy attack

Danny Ayalon arrives to Buenos Aires to participate in the 20º anniversary of Israel`s Embassy attack

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 Israel`s Deputy Foreign Minister, Danny Ayalon, will arrive to Buenos Aires to participate in the official act to mark the 20º anniversary of Israel`s Embassy attack in Argentina, which will be conmemorated on March 16th.

The information was confirmed to the Jewish News Agency (AJN – Agencia Judía de Noticias) by the Israeli ambassador Daniel Gazit. With Ayalon`s presence the Hebrew government confirmed the importance of this significant day.
In Israel there will be for the first time an event of the same characteristics of the one that will take place in Buenos Aires and it will be attended by Israeli and argentinian officials.
According to the information gathered by this agency, the ceremony will be held in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem three days before the 20º attack anniversary day and the main speaker will be an important Argentinian official.
In Argentina, like every year, the act will take place in the square near Arroyo and Suipacha`s corner where Israel`s Embassy worked until the moment of its attack, with the difference that the ceremony won`t take place on March 17th because it is Saturday and Shabbat to the Jewish community.
The tribute will start at 14.50, time in which the terror attack was produced on March 17th in 1992. Then there will be a minute of silence, sirens and wreaths. 
It is probable that the speakers are a survivor in representation of the victim`s families, the ambassador Daniel Gazit and a national government representative.
The terror attack against Israel Embassy in Buenos Aires took place on March 17th in 1992 at 14.42, when a Ford F-100 ban driven by a suicide terrorist charged with explosives crashed against the front of the building in the diplomatic facility.
The explosion did not only produced the embassy destruction but it also damaged a catholic church and a school near by.
The Israel`s Embassy attack was the worst terrorist bombing in Argentina`s history until the blown up of the AMIA in 1994, where 85 people died.
Although no one has been convicted for the attacks, there are suspicions that the authors entered the country through the Triple Frontera, a region where Argentina, Paraguay and Brasil`s lines converge.
According to what was determined by the justice, the attack was produced with a bomb-car and the Iran government was accused of being political responsible of the aggression.
Besides, the investigation determined that the attack was coordinated by Imad Mugniyah, Hezbollah´s leader. Although the cause has technically prescribed, two years ago the Justice Minister, Julio Alak, confirmed in statements to AJN that the Israel`s Embassy attack is a “crime against humanity”.
“The processing of the case will be open until we find the responsible”, he said.

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