Inicio NOTICIAS Anti-Semitism. Argentine Jewish Community against Polish law that trivializes Shoá: \»The newspaper only told the historical truth\»

Anti-Semitism. Argentine Jewish Community against Polish law that trivializes Shoá: \»The newspaper only told the historical truth\»

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Itongadol/AJN.- "Página 12 only told the historical truth and not doing so would be a lack of professionalism; killing the messenger does not hide the inocultable", said the president of the Jewish Community DAIA, Ariel Cohen Sabban, to the AJN Agency following the alleged denunciation of the Polish League against the defamation against the Argentine newspaper and the journalist Federico Pavlosky for a note about the massacre of Jews in Jedwabne, in 1941, during the Shoah.

The lawsuit, the first of its kind, was filed on Friday and would be framed in the new banalizing law that prohibits accusing that State and its people of responsibility or complicity with the crimes of Nazism and provides for fines and up to three years in prison for his offenders

"Negationism is a very serious moral crime and we are seeing with concern" the situation, about which "we had an extensive conversation with the Polish Ambassador in Argentina, Marek Pernal, and we are going to express the position of the DAIA in front of the authorities of that country in the various meetings that have been confirmed "during the trip Proyecto Raíces, which the entity will carry out since March 11, anticipated.

Some 30 people will also visit Israel, in the framework of the 70th anniversary of its independence, because it is about "understanding the past, understanding the present and building the future, to which this circumstance is added", said the community leader in reference to the judges, businessmen and journalists – several of them, non-Jews – who will be part of the delegation together with leaders, presidents of branches of DAIA in the Interior and representatives of the Shoah Museum, all of whom will have meetings in the Polish Chancellery and the Argentine embassy in Warsaw.

"Everyone should do their part to demonstrate the global concern for these facts, and clearly I do not refer only to the Jews" because "memory is the only remedy that humanity has so that the facts are not repeated, and if instead to take charge and assume the responsibility that we have for the historical tragedies, we deny them, we are leaving dangerously latent the possibility of their repetition,", he warned to the AJN Agency.
"The new generations should grow in the truth, to learn from history and to elaborate antibodies against the xenophobic and fascist temptations that appear from time to time", recommended Cohen Sabban.


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