Inicio NOTICIAS Today appears \»Memorandum\», the book that reveals the secret plot of the agreement between the ex government and Iran

Today appears \»Memorandum\», the book that reveals the secret plot of the agreement between the ex government and Iran

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AJN.- Journalist Daniel Berliner makes his debut in the literary world with his first work "Memorandum, the secret plot of the agreement with Iran", a book that reveals details of the negotiations between the government of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and the Islamic regime for allegedly "advance" in the investigation of the AMIA bombing. Starting today, it will be available in bookstores across the country.

Berliner, director of the AJN, the Jewish News Agency, presents in his book exclusive testimonies of the prosecutor Alberto Nisman, who denounced the former president and former Chancellor Hector Timerman for alleged cover-up of the terrorist attack, a cause that is still pending resolution In Justice.

As a privileged witness of moments that marked the march of the investigation of the bloodiest terrorist attack that Argentina suffered, the author gives details of unpublished conversations that he had with Timerman after knowing the signature of the memorandum, also an interview with the ex-head of cabinet Aníbal Fernandez, with the former wife of journalist Pepe Eliaschev, among others.

The book also includes testimony from influential Israeli officials including former Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and others who give details of how an agreement began, that justice declared unconstitutional and which continues to generate controversy between politics and justice.

Also reveals one of the last interviews that Nisman gave before being found dead in his apartment in Puerto Madero, in one of the political facts that marked the debacle of kirchnerismo and the testimonies of Sandra and Sara Nisman, sister and mother of the dead prosecutor.

The prologue of the journalist and writer Pilar Rahola "Memorandum, the secret plot of the agreement with Iran" also gives a hidden version on the comings and goings of the leadership of the Argentine Jewish community as the questions of the main Jewish leaders to the controversial agreement.

The book will be on sale starting today and will surely generate a strong debate in the political and judicial field.

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