Inicio NOTICIAS Police issue security alert in Jerusalem, ask residents to be vigilant

Police issue security alert in Jerusalem, ask residents to be vigilant

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Itongadol.- Police on Tuesday afternoon issued a general city-wide security alert in Jerusalem, requesting that the public be aware of their immediate surroundings, while carrying on with their normal activities.

While no specific threat was cited, Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said over 3,500 police officers from an array of units are patrolling the capital.

“There is a general security alert,” said Rosenfeld shortly after police issued the statement. “Police units have heightened security in and around Jerusalem, including at malls, bus and train stations, with an emphasis on the Old City.”

“There are no special instructions for residents, who should remain calm, alert, and continue their routines as normal,” he added.

The warning comes after police finalized security preparations throughout the city for the High Holidays, beginning with the eve of Rosh Hashana on Sunday.

“Police have completed security assessments for the forthcoming New Year and Jewish festivals,” said Rosenfeld, noting that extra officers will be on hand in the Old City, as thousands of Jewish visitors enter the area for the holidays.

“Border Police, special patrol and undercover units will focus on security in all public areas, with a main emphasis on the first days of the Jewish festival to ensure all visitors are safe at all times, and will respond to any incident on any level immediately,” he added.

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