Inicio NOTICIAS Construction site collapse in Tel Aviv injures at least 30

Construction site collapse in Tel Aviv injures at least 30

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 A crane on a building site in Ramat Hahayal has fallen, causing a subterranean parking lot to collapse; emergency services are on the scene and has reported at least 30 injuries.

At least 30 persons were injured, according to Magen David Adom (MDA) on Monday morning when a crane in a building site on HaBarzel Street in Tel Aviv collapsed on a subterranean parking lot. Emergency services and rescue teams were immediately called to the scene.

At least one man is in serious condition, and about 20 persons have been rescued who were lightly or moderately injured. They have all been brought to area hospitals. Dozens more are missing.

A spokesman from the police said to Ynet, "Several floors of the building collapsed. There\’s a danger of additional collapse of both the building and the surrounding area because of the pit that was created by the collapse."

Firefighters and police were also called to the scene to aid in the rescue effort. Ichilov Medical Center in Tel Aviv prepared to receive the injured.

In addition, some 120 soldiers from the Homefront Command, including the Shahar, Ram and Tavor Brigades and the command\’s reserves search-and-rescue unit have arrived with advanced equipment to assist. GOC Homefront Command Maj. Gen. Yoel Strick is himself en route to the scene.

Search and Rescue forces have been called to assist in the rescue and extraction of civilians from the building that collapsed in Tel Aviv.

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