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Ya\’alon visits Book Week, criticizes Abbas

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Itongadol.- Former defense minister Moshe Ya\’alon came to Rabin Square in Tel Aviv Thursday evening to sign copies of his 2008 book "The Long Short Road" as a part of Book Week. In his book, Ya\’alon tells his story and analysis of the major events that have impacted Israel in the 15 year prior to the publication of his book. In those years, Ya\’alon was the head of the Military Intelligence Directorate, IDF deputy chief of staff, and IDF chief of staff.

"Read the book, and look at what I did in the past seven years," the former minister of defense said. Ten of children, women, and men lined up to receive a personal dedication from Ya\’alon and express their support for his return to the political arena.

"I came to tell him to continue (what he is doing)," said Danny from Ramat Gan. "We believe in him, and it is important to me that he personally signs the book for me." Ido, a five year old, shook hands with Ya\’alon: "I came with my dad because he really wanted to by the book and shake his (Ya\’alon\’s) hand. I also ended up shaking his hand."

At the event, Ya\’alon commented on Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas\’s refusal to meet with President Reuven Rivlin: "There\’s always been a problem with Abu Mazen. He opposes the very existence of the State of Israel as the national state of the Jewish people, and all the rest is all stories, narratives, etc. Thus, he is better off examining himself regarding what he accuses us for in terms of peace process failures. He has never opened the door, but rather always slams it shut and runs to accuse us."

Regarding his possible reentry into political life, Ya\’alon noted, "I said when I resigned that I inted to run for the national leadership. As for how, we\’ll wait and see. I am still a member of Likud, and the question if I can do this with or without Likud. I need to decide that in the future."

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