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Ayatollahs Star in Pinocchio Farce

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Itongadol.- Iranian censors have shuttered a production of Pinocchio in Tehranas they deemed the attire of one of the female actors to be immodest.

The Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance Theatre Supervision Committee deemed the wig and costume to be in violation of modesty regulations. Additionally, they found the script of the play inappropriate.

Pinocchio, by Iranian producer Shahra Sultani, was closed on Monday, three days after it opened.
The Iranian pro-regime media agency Fars reported this is the second play to be closed permanently in the last few months. The censors also closed the play Autumn, by Nadir Barhani Murnad.

Department of Plays in the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance Manager Mahdi Shafe’i said “the performance of the play Pinocchiowill cease until there are alterations in the script, the clothes, makeup and the way the actresses look.”

The censorship committees imposes harsh restrictions on female actors. They do not allow them to do anything out of the ordinary. On very rare occasions slight deviation is allowed, but only when it serves the spreading of the principles of the Iranian revolution.

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