Inicio NOTICIAS State prepares for forced evacuation of West Bank outpost residents

State prepares for forced evacuation of West Bank outpost residents

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 Israel\’s security forces are preparing to forcibly evict the 30 Migron families living on land that is undisputedly privately owned by Palestinians. The settlers were said to have met during the night to decide whether or not to cooperate and leave the settlement on Sunday or defy the orders and stay.

On Tuesday, the Israeli High Court of Justice will convene and consider the appeal made by 17 Migron families, which implores the court to overturn the decision and allow them to stay in their homes, citing claims that they had legally purchased the land.
Until the court hands down its ruling they cannot be evicted. The settlers say that the fate of the entire settlement should be decided only once the court rules, but  Benny Begin, the minister  responsible for overseeing the eviction, and the security forces have decided to evict the 30 families that aren\’t part of the appeal process before the court considers the appeal on Tuesday. This is in keeping with Supreme Court Justice Asher Grunis ruling that the eviction must take place "before the hearing."
On Thursday, Defense Ministry officials told the settlers that the ministry\’s relocation service, which facilitated the Amona settlers\’ relocation, would be at their disposal as of Sunday, in accordance with an agreement that was signed with the settlers, which stipulated in return for the settlers\’ voluntary evacuation they will be provided with an alternate compound. If the settlers fail to comply, the military will evict them by force with the deadline being Tuesday morning.
According to the agreement, if the settlers do not comply with the eviction notice they will not technically be entitled to the compound prepared for them by security forces, though they plan on allowing the settlers with access to the compound either way.

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