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State mandates schools to teach Zionist values

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 The Education Ministry has instructed teachers across the country to put an emphasis on Israel\’s national anthem and symbols in order to instill Jewish and democratic values in students.

As part of the initiative, kindergarteners are to be introduced to the Israeli flag and the J\’lem police: \’Temple Mount is in our hands\’ – incitement
Avi Midan, the principal of Beit Shemesh, added that creating a common Israeli identity is one of the education system\’s primary roles.
"In order to make kids want to enlist in the army when they get their first draft summons at age 17, we must start teaching them about social solidarity in kindergarten," she said. "Even kids must be familiar with the state and its symbols, and not only through history class but also through music and travel."
Professor Asher Cohen, a political science professor at Bar-Ilan University who also heads the Education Ministry\’s Civics Committee, said that the role of Israel\’s symbols is to express a contexture of feelings that generate group identity and social cohesiveness.
"When the students learn the anthem\’s lyrics and are exposed to the longing for the Land of Israel, it creates a kind of a unity that puts an emphasis on the common national values and not on the division of the people," he said.

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