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Summary of Editorials from the Hebrew Press – August 8th, 2012

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 Yediot Aharonot, in the wake of the IDF\’s success in preventing what could have been a catastrophic terrorist attack, calls to our "dear friends in the IDF and the other security services: We have not the least doubt that you have detected the escalation by the terrorists, their increased ability to maneuver and deceive unseen  in previous terror attacks, the darkness of the advancing storm over the Sinai skies, the \’holes\’ the we have (and that will always exist) in our defense against terrorism, the points of weakness, which we will not note here for understandable reasons, and your obligation to be intoxicated for only a moment from the achievement and the flattering headlines and return immediately to your sacred work. Moshe Dayan, were he alive, would have said: \’Gentlemen, leave the celebrations for others. For you, there is still a lot to be done\’"

Ma\’ariv points out that "The comparison [of an attack on Iran\’s nuclear infrastructure] to the bombing in Iraq is unfounded. The danger then, both to the pilots and to the home front, were negligible, and the IDF had the ability to make the Osirak nuclear facility totally inoperative." The author says that "It is unclear if Netanyahu is serious in his intentions to attack in Iran. What is clear is that such an attack would only \’scratch\’ the nuclear facilities and would exact a heavy price from Israel."
Yisrael Hayom muses that "The television broadcasts in Egypt the day following the attack at the Karem Shalom crossing seemed like satire starring the Egyptian comedian Adel Imam. Global Jihad terrorists killed 16 Egyptian soldiers during the month of Ramadan, swiped their weapons and equipment and turned them toward Israeli targets – while loony protesters in front of our embassy in Cairo blamed the Mossad and called to cut diplomatic relations."
The Jerusalem Post discusses the hazing rituals in the IDF, which have recently been brought to the public’s attention, and feels that “The army must take seriously a program for breaking the cyclical curse of harmful hazing, while maintaining unit cohesion and positive traditions that make soldiers feel part of the whole.” The editor suggests that “A process by which soldiers can report their problems anonymously is important to encourage, alongside a systematic study of how widespread the phenomenon is and how foreign militaries have successfully dealt with its most obvious manifestations.”
Haaretz calls on the government to cancel the Civil Law Procedure Regulations. Slated to go into effect next month, it requires that anyone who submits legal documents to a court must list his Israeli ID number or foreign passport number on the documents. The editor notes that this will mean that lawsuits cannot be filed by anyone who doesn\’t have a passport or Israeli ID number, therefore “The amendment is liable to block Palestinians who live in the territories, who have no passport, as well as asylum-seekers and migrant workers, who have no passport or citizenship documents, from filing civil suits.” The editor states that “The restriction, as is stated in the new amendment, is likely to leave the weakest populations defenseless,” and asserts that this points to “a worrisome trend of eroding access to the courts and an erosion of the rule of law.”
[Eitan Haber, Avraham Tirosh and Eli Avidar wrote today’s articles in Yediot Aharonot, Ma\’ariv and Yisrael Hayom, respectively.]

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