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Spain: An antisemitic application simulates Jews life in Auschwitz

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 An antisemitic application which is available for download in Google Play named "Campo di Auschwitz Online" ("Auschwitz Camp Online") awakes rage online, in the political system and in the Jewish community. The application which is made for Android System – was created by, a professional Spanish school located in Saragozza, the capital of Aragona district. At the home page appears a Star of David graphics, the railroad stop in front of the extermination camp where above it stands the sign "Auschwitz Concentration Camp". On the sides of the main log-in, as guards, appear two soldiers wearing the Wehrmacht uniform. Then a disturbing address with a clear anti-Semitic significance: "to live as a Jew in the Auschwitz concentration camp"

The application was downloaded thousands of times, and is defined as a role playing game, even if no detailed what role has the computer player. The application can be downloaded, up to a point, accompanied by a soundtrack. Then, at some point, the application stops and many complain in the comments on the lack of connection to the server. Most probably due to the many logins, considering the echo the application got on the social networks, including Facebook.

Protests also at the political system: Fiano (Democratic Party): "Shocks me". MP Emanuel Fiano, responsible for the security of the Democratic Party "left speechless" responded, "To think that a man can invent, then write and design and at the end sell the application which occurs in the largest cemetery in the history of the Jewish people". "Auschwitz extermination camp" added Fiano "Was the largest cemetery in the history of the Jewish people and of gays, disabled, Jehovah\’s witnesses and different opponents". "All this shocks me," said the MP "I will never stop fighting, it shouldn\’t be allowed to make history banal, whether following a political plan or ignorance, it is necessary to act in every lawful means, perhaps by prohibiting this app in Italy".

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