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Play area dedicated to infant terror victim Adelle Biton

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Itongadol.- In the town of Migdalim in Samaria a new play area was inaugurated on Tuesday in memory of Adelle Biton, who was critically wounded in an Arab rock attack on her family\’s car outside Ariel in 2013 and died of complications two years later after a lengthy struggle to survive.

The five Arab terrorists responsible for her murder just last Thursday were sentenced to a paltry 15 years in jail, after the court charged them with manslaughter instead of murder for their attack, in which the then two-year-old victim was struck directly in the head. Leftist activists havelaunched a fundraising campaign to pay the fines of the terrorist murderers.
Biton\’s mother, Dr. Adva Biton, took part in the inauguration of the new play area. Arutz Sheva was on hand as she said "this is proof that this girl gave a lot of strength to everyone."
"The timing is very significant for us, because on the 29th of Shevat next Monday we will mark the anniversary of Adelle\’s death," she noted. Adelle passed away in February 2015.
"Adelle truly shook things up, moved people and did a lot for the good of the nation of Israel, not only in the higher levels of establishing policies and bureaucracy, but rather she truly touched everyone\’s heart."
The bereaved mother noted "you didn\’t need to know her. It was enough to look at her face and the great light that came from her. I certainly am happy and it is a great merit that she allowed me to be her mother. We direct all the great strength she left here in this world to action, and I am very happy that the action starts in the close core of influence in the settlements."
"I wish you all that in this place there will only be happiness, unity, giving and kindness," she added, noting she is working to establish a new town called Givat Adelle in memory of her daughter.
Samaria Regional Council head Yossi Dagan said at the ceremony that "there is nothing more appropriate than to call a place as happy as this in Adelle\’s name. Adelle was part of a strong and happy family that teaches us all what faith in the justice of our path is, and what the power to continue despite everything is."

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