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Netanyahu: We will defeat this wave of terror, as we have others

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 Security Cabinet meets in emergency session to approve anti-terror steps; PM expected to rebuff calls for mass construction in settlements.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu convened an emergency meeting of the security cabinet Monday evening to approve a series of steps aimed at tamping down the spike in violence and providing Israelis with a greater sense of security.

The meeting came as voices were raised on the right – including from Education Minister Naftali Bennett – for the government to drastically ratchet up steps to counter the surge in terrorism and to build in the settlements as a response to the terror.

The calls for increased building in the settlements is likely to be a bone of contention within the government, as Netanyahu is expected to be reticent, concerned about the ramifications this would have for Israel in the international community.

In a symbolic step aimed at sending a message to the right, Netanyahu called into his residence before the security cabinet meeting Kiryat Arba Local Council head Malachi Levinger and Samaria Regional Council head Yossi Dagan. The two were camped out at the protest tent that was set up outside his residence.

According to a statement put out by his office, Netanyahu said that the government was acting firmly and has taken “unprecedented action” to ensure the security of the Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria.

“This is a difficult struggle, but we will win it,” he told the settlement leaders, just an hour before a protest against the deteriorating security situation in the territories was held outside his residence.

Dagan, on his Facebook page, said that he and Levinger presented Netanyahu with their demands regarding security and construction. "Unfortunately we have not yet reached agreement," he said.

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