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Poll: Israelis Overwhelmingly Opposed to Iran Deal

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Itongadol.- Nearly three-fourths of the Israeli public believe the West\’s deal with Iran on its nuclear program will not prevent the Islamic Republic from acquiring nuclear weapons within the next decade, a poll Wednesday revealed.

In contrast, the poll, conducted by the Sarid Institute for Channel 10, found that only 10% of respondents "trust" the United States and believe it will prevent an Iranian bomb.

Almost 70% of Israelis oppose the final agreement reached between Iran and the P5+1 world powers on Tuesday, while only 10% support it. Twenty percent of respondents had no opinion on the subject.

As to what Israel\’s response to the deal should be, a third of Israelis polled answered that Israel should attack Iran\’s nuclear sites. Forty percent said there was no need for Israel to strike, while the rest voiced no opinion.

The Israeli public was more divided on Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu\’s conduct with regard to the Iranian issue.

Some 37% of respondents think Netanyahu erred in his attempts to halt the Iranian nuclear program, while 34% thought he acted appropriately. The rest were undecided.

While over a third of Israelis believe Netanyahu failed to prevent the deal, 60% think the Prime Minister should lead a move in US Congress to stopthe agreement now. Only 20% of respondents oppose such a maneuver.

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