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Emergency Knesset meeting held to address Ethiopian-Israeli community needs

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 Meeting was attended by representatives of the protest organizers and the Ethiopian-Israeli community organizations, representatives from the justice ministry and police, and MKs.

Dozens of Ethiopian-Israeli social activists met with Knesset members for an emergency meeting to discuss the issue of racism on Tuesday, following the recent demonstrations against the treatment of the Ethiopian-Israeli community.

Hadash-Joint Arab List MK Dov Hanin, who hosted the meeting along with former MK Pnina Tamano-Shata, said that after hearing serious claims about police discrimination, a dangerous track towards segregated schooling, disproportionate jailing rates and more, what stands behind it all is "one harsh word: racism." He claimed that "racism is a disease that harms many sectors in Israeli society and threatens all of us."

Tamano-Shata stated that the Knesset is not yet doing enough for the Ethiopian-Israeli community. "We must not settle for the fact that there is an Ethiopian MK," she said.

It is the last 30 years of discrimination, according to Tamano-Shata, that led to the protests around the country this past week. She said that the young generation of Ethiopian-Israelis are tired of "adhering to the polite ways of the Ethiopian community" in light of the racism in Israel.

Tamano-Shata went on to accuse the Knesset of thwarting efforts to promote laws that would assist in the eradication of racism and discrimination. "Indeed the power of the law is limited," she explained, "however judicial authority sends an important message and level of protection."

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