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Netanyahu says Livni would imperil Israel as prime minister

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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Wednesday that Zionist Union co-leader Tzipi Livni would be dangerous to Israel as prime minister, his first public comments since the state comptroller released a report on alleged malfeasance at the prime minister’s residences.

Livni’s Hatnuah party is in an electoral alliance with Isaac Herzog’s Labor Party, under which the two would rotate the premiership. On Wednesday, following threats on her life, Livni received a bodyguard, as ordered by Knesset security.

Netanyahu called the report by State Comptroller Joseph Shapira a “smoke screen intended to let Livni sneak into the Prime Minister’s Office …. The reason they’re trying to hide Livni and distract the public with other things is a good one,” Netanyahu said at a campaign stop in Ashkelon in the south. “Tzipi Livni is a danger to Israel.”

He said Zionist Union was using a “smoke screen not only to hide Livni but to say she won’t negotiate with Hamas. She went to [Palestinian President] Mahmoud Abbas against my explicit instructions and against a cabinet decision a few days before he signed a unity agreement with Hamas.”

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