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Ya\’alon: Iran should be forced to choose between nuclear weapons or survival

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Itongadol.- The Iranian regime will not cease its efforts to obtain nuclear weapons unless it understands that the international community is determined to stop it, Defense Minister Moshe Ya\’alon said Wednesday during a military ceremony.

Speaking at end-of-training event for IDF officers at a base in Mitzpe Ramon, Ya\’alon said, "In recent days, the world has again turned its gaze to Tehran. We are examining the new developments in Iran in light of the elections results, but are also sober about the ambitions of the Iranian regime to obtain nuclear weapons."

Iran openly speaks of Israel\’s destruction, and has not felt until now that the international community is determined enough to stop it, Ya\’alon said, calling for a "significant increase in pressure by Western countries to lead Iran to the dilemma of either having a bomb or surviving."

Ya\’alon said Israel is a peace-seeking nation.

Turning to the new officers, he added, "But now, it will be up to you to prepare your subordinates for battle, which may occur at an unknown time, and in unclear circumstances. They say that war is the kingdom of uncertainty. At this time, the IDF is dealing, both at home and abroad, near and far, with a considerable number of fronts of uncertainty."

Ya\’alon cited the Lebanese front, where Hezbollah continues to arm itself and plans on harming Israeli civilians in a future conflict with Israel, and the front with Syria, "where a civil war continues to exact a heavy price of human lives, and a [civil] war is nearing our borders, placing us before a complex test that is full of significance."

"We have a front of uncertainty with the Gaza Strip, where the Hamas terrorist group continues to rule, and which has placed as its goal the destruction of the state of Israel," the defense minister added.

Ya\’alon also addressed the recent 3 billion shekel budget cut to the defense budget, describing it as a source of concern that will force regular forces to increase the quantity of operational missions [in place of the reserves], and suffer a decrease in training programs.

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